Jones Co. Street Ski Surf, was started by a couple - William & Brooke Jones who saw it fitting to proudly use their last name for their business.
Brooke has worked in the Street & Surf clothing and Apparel industry for over 10 years and knows what it's all about having worked with and managing multiple companies, while Will has come from completely different industries and so brings with him some new fresh ideas. 
Since taking over an already existing Surf and Street store, the couple have redesigned it, re-named it, re-branded it and given it one heck of a face-lift to let their customers feel welcome and looked after. 
With products ranging from shoes to caps, tees to bikini's, socks to luggage, wallets to backpacks, there is no doubt they have captured a wide audience and not to mention having the best of each of these
products and more! Their beloved store is in Lavington Square Shopping Centre and is very easy to find and close to parking.
When sitting down with them over beer, wine and pizza and asking what their mission statement would sound like, they said things like "To give our customers a friendly place to shop at, to provide a one-stop shop for customers to get the best brand clothing and accessories for all ages".
And finally "If people are stressed or time poor, they can instantly feel happier for popping instore and seeing some smiling faces and having the friendliest service in town".
You'll see it when you rock up to the doors of Jones Co. - The two, with their talented staff (who provide a service as if the store was theirs) are there to make life easy and go over and beyond to make sure you get what you came for.
They are open 7 days and if a week had 8 days in it, they would open for it, that's how much they love what they do. Do yourself a favour and pop in a get treated to a fun relaxed shopping experience.

Better yet - Shop their new online store!!

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